give your audience the life-changing experience of mastering the science of HUMAN-CENTRIC SELLING.

The Science OF Human-Centric Selling

Mastering sales by understanding the most overlooked part of selling: the human.

Your next event will be unlike anything your audience ever imagined with Kayvon on stage.

If you need a speaker to pump your crowd’s tires, tell them they are entitled to an easy journey and fill them with more feel-good fluff... move on.

If you need an immersive, paradigm-shifting, human quote-reel of practical tools to change everything they think they know about sales, here we go. Kayvon takes the gloves off.

From 9-figure companies to individuals who change their industry forever, Kayvon has helped sales reps do the unthinkable.


“In the journey to sales mastery, you must understand the parts in play; the humans, you and your prospect, and the connective energy for success, the relationship. It’s dead-ass obvious. you wouldn’t plan a long trip by looking at the destination alone. you need to research what’s along every step of the voyage.

– Kayvon kay


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